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Visual Studio UML Class Diagram Generator

Problem :

I was wondering if there was a software that would generate UML class diagrams from my project files (C#) in Visual Studio 2008 Professional? Like a plugin of sorts?

I have checked previous posts and did not see anything useful on the first glance.

Edit: I found Class Diagram item! but open to more tips.

Edit: Any ideas regarding how do I go about exporting these diagrams?

Edit: Export diagram as image.

Solution :

What about the Visual Studio Class Diagram?

Choose “add New Item” – General category – Class Diagram. Results should be like this:

(source: developingfor.net)

You can use the http://modeling.codeplex.com/ add-in.

You can “Copy” and “Paste” the diagram into MSPaint

or you can just print it to the MS Document Image Writer as well.

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