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Problem :

I’m adding a logout expiration alert to my application and would like to access my web.config forms authentication “timeout” value from my code. Any way i could do this?

Solution :

I think you can read it from the FormsAuthentication static class methods, which would be better than doing it by reading the web.config directly as you may be inheriting authentication settings from a higher level web.config.

var authTicket = new FormsAuthenticationTicket(user.EmailAddress, true, (int)FormsAuthentication.Timeout.TotalMinutes);

You can access the web.config’s timeout value in:


I don’t know since when it’s available, I’m using .NET 4.5.

 Configuration conn = WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration("");

            AuthenticationSection section = (AuthenticationSection)conn.SectionGroups.Get("system.web").Sections.Get("authentication");

            long cookieExpires = System.Convert.ToInt64(section.Forms.Timeout.TotalMinutes);

You can access it from your Javascript using the following:

var expireTime = <%= FormsAuthentication.Timeout.TotalMinutes %>;

You can parse it directly from the web.config file.

This Code will give you timeout in minutes from AuthenticationSection section present in your current project’s Web.Config file,

Configuration conn = WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration(Request.ApplicationPath);
AuthenticationSection section = (AuthenticationSection)conn.SectionGroups.Get("system.web").Sections.Get("authentication");
FormsAuthenticationConfiguration currentForms = section.Forms;
int timeout = currentForms.Timeout.Minutes;
txtAppSessionTimeout.Text = timeout.ToString();

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