Is there a better way to trim a DateTime to a specific precision?

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Problem :

What’s the best way to trim a DateTime object to a specific precision? For instance, if I have a DateTime with a value of ‘2008-09-29 09:41:43’, but I only want it’s precision to be to the minute, is there any better way to do it than this?

private static DateTime TrimDateToMinute(DateTime date)
    return new DateTime(

What I would really want is to make it variable so that I could set its precision to the second, minute, hour, or day.

Solution :

static class Program
    //using extension method:
    static DateTime Trim(this DateTime date, long roundTicks)
        return new DateTime(date.Ticks - date.Ticks % roundTicks, date.Kind);

    //sample usage:
    static void Main(string[] args)


You could use an enumeration

public enum DateTimePrecision
  Hour, Minute, Second

public static DateTime TrimDate(DateTime date, DateTimePrecision precision)
  switch (precision)
    case DateTimePrecision.Hour:
      return new DateTime(date.Year, date.Month, date.Day, date.Hour, 0, 0);
    case DateTimePrecision.Minute:
      return new DateTime(date.Year, date.Month, date.Day, date.Hour, date.Minute, 0);
    case DateTimePrecision.Second:
      return new DateTime(date.Year, date.Month, date.Day, date.Hour, date.Minute, date.Second);

and expand as required.

I like this method. Someone mentioned it was good to preserve the Date Kind, etc. This accomplishes that because you dont have to make a new DateTime. The DateTime is properly cloned from the original DateTime and it simply subtracts the remainder ticks.

public static DateTime FloorTime(DateTime dt, TimeSpan interval) 
  return dt.AddTicks(-1 * (dt.Ticks % interval.Ticks));


dt = FloorTime(dt, TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5)); // floor to the nearest 5min interval
dt = FloorTime(dt, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1)); // floor to the nearest second
dt = FloorTime(dt, TimeSpan.FromDays(1));    // floor to the nearest day

There are some good solutions presented here, but when I need to do this, I simply do:

DateTime truncDate;
truncDate = date.Date; // trim to day
truncDate = date.Date + TimeSpan.Parse(string.Format("{0:HH:00:00}", date)); // trim to hour
truncDate = date.Date + TimeSpan.Parse(string.Format("{0:HH:mm}", date)); // trim to minute
truncDate = date.Date + TimeSpan.Parse(string.Format("{0:HH:mm:ss}", date)); // trim to second

Hope it helps.

DateTime dt = new DateTime()
dt = dt.AddSeconds(-dt.Second)

Above code will trim seconds.

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