How To Set Startup Route In ASP.NET Core

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Problem :

My ASP.NET core app startup route is set as:


I want to change this startup route to be:


Looking through the documentation there is lots of specification on route constraints but I’m not sure I see how to set the route that gets run on startup…

It’s calling the wrong controller on startup. If I remove the controller (ValueController), I get a 404. Where is it specified to use this controller at runtime?

I’m seeing hope in the hidden launchSettings.json but editing




does not help

Solution :

Adam Weitzman is right, but you can also switch it using Visual Studio’s GUI.

  1. Right-click on project in Solution Explorer
  2. Click Properties
  3. Go to Debug tab
  4. Check the Launch URL checkbox and set the URL you want. Leave the text box empty to launch the root URL

Launch URL setting

It’s in Properties/launchSettings.json

the field to change is:


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