How to convert XML file to a Database?

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Problem :

I recently downloaded the SO Data Dump and was wondering how I could convert it from XML to a DB that I could use in my .NET applications.

Solution :

Here’s a wiki article describing the process of converting the XML data dump to a database by using stored procedures.

SQLServerPedia site contains many other articles related to SO –

You could try XML Bulk Load.

you can convert it to DataSet using DataSet.ReadXml Method and that insert datatables to database

C# handles XML natively very well. Unless there is a large amount of XML, simply use LINQ to XML.

If you have large amounts of XML, then handling it in streaming mode is proably less work than putting it in a DB

Hm, just use a XML parser, and make the database schema as you wish…you can also map the xml to a database directly…
Do some more reading…really..

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