Good linear programming library for C#? [closed]

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Problem :

I’m looking for a linear programming solver for C#. In the other words I’m looking for a library for C# that solves linear programming problems.

I need an easy to use library (so I can learn how to use it quickly), but it would be nice if it supported some features as automatic absolute values conversion (so I don’t have to program the conversion myself). It is important that the library should be for free (not necessarily open source).

Good documentation is huge advantage for me. 10%-20% worse performance is not critical for my project.

Thanks for your answers

Solution :


Read C# linear algebra library

EDIT: Check out

This one might be what your looking for though. Says it works with .Net

You can use WNLIB, but it’s plain C so you have to wrap it in a DLL library and then use it with C#.

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